When receiving a job specification from our client we revert to our database as we boast one of the most comprehensive databases in our industry; especially within employment equity/affirmative action candidates and are constantly adding new candidates referred by our existing candidates and clients. 
We also advertise using e-recruiting websites and local/national newspapers, all at no cost to our client, making sure that all vacancies receive unrivalled exposure.
We also utilise executive search for senior appointments and highly skilled specialist roles.
We provide feedback to our clients within 24 hours to advise the process going forward regarding the available vacancy.
All our candidates are pre screened establishing their telephone etiquette, vibrancy and personality type.  We administer and assist with assessing candidates to establish verbal, numerical and business acumen skills. We have however found that our Clients usually prefer to make use of their own assessment tools.
Each successful applicant is then personally interviewed using a detailed competency and behavioural questionnaire.  This gives us an opportunity to establish their Character Profile, Career History & General Acumen. 
2 Telephonic References are conducted to authenticate everything discussed during the interview. 
Depending on our clients requirements, I-Digital (Refcheck) is used to conduct thorough screening on potential candidates in terms of their qualifications, ITC, and criminal status.
We prefer to conduct a client site visit to better understand your specific requirements, environment, culture and values. 
We then aim to leverage off our industry expertise to match the best possible candidate to the right position and work environment to ensure best results for you, the client and candidate alike.
On finding suitable candidates a shortlist of resume’s, are provided to you, the client. Once a candidate is selected for interviewing, they are extensively prepared and briefed on your company’s background as well as interviewing policy and procedures.
References are available at the request of you, the client.
We always endeavour to maintain affordability to our clients; be totally flexible, transparent and ensure that the rates are fair and market related.  Special Fees may be negotiated with you, the client according to your business needs and requirements. 

*We look forward to developing a long and mutually beneficial relationship
With you, the client in the future*